Welcome To Granny’s Waffle

Granny’s Waffles is a family kept, independent business. With the help of our renowned chefs, we create a wonderful world of sweets that are local, natural and fresh. Founder Mansour & Shady had a dream since their high school days to open a waffle shop here in the United Arab Emirates Dubai, a vibrant joyful city where people can enjoy a freshly baked waffle, pancake or crepe with their choice of the finest Belgium chocolates along with other ice cream flavors and fresh fruits. 6 years of baking, Granny’s Waffles has established itself a place in the fun food world creating happy moments for people. So come visit us – you’ll love it here! Our waffles creations comes down to basic fundamentals where ingredients and baking methods are never compromised. We offer a wide selection of delicious treats. From our famous Ice cream with the many flavors to choose from, to our delicious homemade Waffles, Pancakes & Crepes ranging from sweet to savory, we have something for everyone. We at Granny’s Waffles believe in the power of flavor and the adventure of discovering new combinations, which is why we make everything from scratch down to the inclusions in our pure Belguim chocolates, Ice Cream and fresh fruits and other toppings. Dreaming through the many coming flowery days, months and years, Granny’s Waffles aims at developing its brand further by opening many more branches throughout the UAE, and the entire Gulf States & the Middle East region. Granny’s Success is its customers satisfaction and repeat experiences. Our commitment to fabulous food remains the same, both in the UAE and all other countries. Granny’s Waffles will always offer the same homemade, high quality waffles created in the Liege Waffle tradition that people has fallen in love with.